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Legis Group LLC is a business law firm in Philadelphia comprised of seasoned attorneys who honed their craft at some of the finest large law firms in the nation. Being business owners ourselves, we have seen firsthand that smart, forward-thinking legal counsel is not a privilege meant only for the wealthiest of corporate conglomerates – every business needs wise legal advice and representation to survive, grow and sustain success. We have come together to provide your business the same high quality advice and advocacy enjoyed by big business, but scaled into an operational model more accessible to smaller business, regional companies and entrepreneurs. High-level legal services, delivered professionally in a way that makes sense for you and your business model.

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Laws that affect business owners are always changing, and keeping on top of it can be tough. Discover tips, strategies, analysis and observations that every business owner should know.
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There are hundreds of law firms in Philadelphia, you owe it to yourself to be selective. We love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. We listen to our clients, solve complex problems and use our business law expertise to protect you and your business.
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