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If you are at the point where you are considering starting a new business, or if you have recently started a business, you have our congratulations, our respect and, most important, our support. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or one of several owners of your company, we believe that your ultimate success will be the product of a team effort. You supply the passion for your work, the vision to know that your goals are worthy of accomplishing, and the single-minded focus to achieve success on your own terms. Often, the difference between ultimate success and defeat is having the right team of professionals behind you – the accountants, financial consultants, attorneys and other experts who believe in you as a business owner and provide timely wisdom, support, perspective and advice that is honed over years of specialized experience. In our view, you don’t have to stake the future of your business on one-size-fits-all “legal documents” you buy off the web, and you definitely don’t have to try figure everything out on your own.
Some of our best clients came to us for advice and transactional assistance at the very outset of their entrepreneurial endeavor, and then stayed with us as their companies grew to maturity. We particularly enjoy forming new businesses because start-ups who receive early legal advice are more likely to survive over the first few years, and are better prepared to plan effectively for future business growth. Two of our attorneys have started up and run their own businesses, and understand firsthand the challenges that first-time business owners experience. Furthermore, we have litigated countless cases where, unfortunately, one of the parties received bad legal advice or no legal advice at all, and we know how to spot the issues early that eventually lead to costly disputes. Our approach to combine nuanced transactional expertise with the pragmatic insight to anticipate problems before they arise gives our clients a competitive advantage that is unparalleled. Entrepreneurs from around the region and, increasingly, from nationwide come to us to help them start their businesses on rock solid ground, prepared to avoid unnecessary risks and primed for sustainable success.

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There are hundreds of law firms in Philadelphia, you owe it to yourself to be selective. We love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. We listen to our clients, solve complex problems and use our business law expertise to protect you and your business.
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