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There are thousands of attorneys and hundreds of law firms in the Philadelphia metro area. You owe it to yourself to be selective. What makes the Legis Group different? It is not just that we understand the law, it is not measured in years of experience, and it is not solely because we achieve results – it is more than that. We like to think that our clients genuinely enjoy working with us (and refer their friends to us) because they can tell that we love what we do. We love practicing law. We love to help business owners protect themselves and accomplish their goals. We relate to our clients and share in their successes.

Our focus

We enjoy working with business owners and entrepreneurs because we have been business owners ourselves. We remember the rush we felt when we first decided to go into business for ourselves, and the excitement we felt when we thought about our new company’s potential for success. We have felt the apprehension of wondering when the next client would walk through the door, and prayed that we would find the right words to convince them that they were indeed in the right place, talking to people who could get the job done. We have experienced the pressure of meeting payroll and paying the bills on time. We've struggled with decisions about where to invest our hard-earned money, and debated the difference between spending less money and getting more value. We've been through demoralizing setbacks, and enjoyed successes that surpassed our expectations.

Through the challenging times and the inspiring times, we have absolutely loved being business owners, and really enjoyed being around other people who are wired with the same kind of entrepreneurial spirit. We represent business owners because, every time we do, we feel a kinship with that client and get to vicariously experience the amazing feeling of entrepreneurship over and over again.

our team

  • Jeffery Young Jr. Jeffery Young Jr. Partner

    Mr. Young’s legal practice focuses on a variety real estate matters including land use, zoning, code enforcement, estate planning and administration, advising small businesses and non-profit organizations, and government affairs.

  • Devin Uqdah Devin Uqdah Partner

    Devin Uqdah is an attorney and former accountant. Devin focuses his practice on corporate law, business law, tax law and estate planning.

  • Arthur L. Haywood III Arthur L. Haywood III Of Counsel

    Focuses his practice on representation of nonprofit organizations, community development corporations, charter schools, small businesses and individuals in employment law matters and real estate disputes and transactions.

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    The most successful business owners are passionate about their products and services, spend their time focused on their areas of expertise, and lean on trusted attorneys for their legal support.

    That's where we come in. In our view, a great business lawyer must:
    • Have the ability to solve problems that do not have obvious solutions
    • Offer wisdom and sage advice to clients, especially when the advice is something that the client needs to hear but is not what he or she wants to hear
    • Pay attention to every detail while never losing sight of the big picture
    • Be able to understand dense volumes of complex and obscure rules, codes, and case law, extract information that is applicable to the real world, and translate that information into a usable form that makes sense to a non-lawyer
    • Actually listen to his client, remember that the client’s legal needs may be important but represent only one part of the client’s world, and put the needs of the client before the preferences of the lawyer
    There is a lot more to practicing law than most people realize, and to really do it consistently well, a lawyer has to love it. At the Legis Group LLC, we enjoy what we do. We like each other, we like our clients, and our work energizes us. We practice law because there is nothing else we would rather be doing. And, we think that enthusiasm comes across in our work.

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    There are hundreds of law firms in Philadelphia, you owe it to yourself to be selective. We love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. We listen to our clients, solve complex problems and use our business law expertise to protect you and your business.
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